Part II-Your Filipino Wife Living With You in the Philippines

Published: 18th October 2011
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Part II-Your Filipino Wife Living With You in the Philippines

Predicting Outcomes-Not the Domain of Man

The conjugal union between Peter and Marcela is a classic example of a marriage that has shown no signs of mutual understanding, caring, romance, consideration, compassion, common sense, respect, and above all, love. It is a kind of marriage relationships one would hope never to get into for any reasons whatever.

Nonetheless, I think that if Peter could have predicted such a calamity in his life, he would not have gone ahead with his plan to marry that Filipino woman. I do believe that what we, as humans, lack the most is the ability to foresee things before they happen to us and harm us.

So far, none of us is equipped with that magic wand yet. Marcela has buried all the good ingredients and attributes that make a marriage worthwhile and wonderful. She is a woman who has failed to realize that she married her husband not only for the car, the big house, the jewelry, and all the other material things that her husband has bought her, but for love, affection, compassion, and romance, among other things. She is a woman who has abandoned her husband when he needed her the most.

What appears illogical in the above drama is that, as far as I know, most Filipino women are compassionate, willing to please their husbands, responsible, caring, loving, romantic, passionate, respectful, and more. To a large extent, they are known as women who respect and elevate the sanctity of marriage.

Marcela's Nasty and Horrific Behavior

Although this is only conjectural, but could it be the case that Marcela has decided to enjoy her life with another man since her husband is now crippled? Could it be the possibility that she now wants to lead the life of a teenager or associate herself with a bunch of women who had moved away from their husbands for similar reasons?

Would material possessions be the main reason why she married Peter? Did Marcela feel any sparks or connections from the beginning of her relationship with Peter? Was her relationship with Peter based on materialism and nothing else?

In other words, was she a deceptive gold-digger par excellence? What propelled her to deviate from the norms? Your answers are as good as mine. The fact, however, is that Peter has been living a life in deep depression due to Marcela’s careless and loveless attitude.

Clearly, Marcela seems to be a woman out of control. She does not appear to understand the ramifications of being married to a man or she simply does not give a hoot about it. As long as she can satisfy herself in any way, that is just fine with her. How selfish and inconsiderate could she ever be toward the man who has provided her with a brand new car and all the luxuries that she has at her disposal?

In pain physically and emotionally, Peter has a heavy decision to take. Would he tolerate these vexing conundrums of their marriage relationships to continue forever or would he put an end to them, one way or the other? He is the only who can answer these important questions.

The evidence abounds, indicating that many foreign nationals are happy with their Asian wives, be they Thais, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and others. Nonetheless, some were not fortunate to marry women who take the vow of marriage very seriously and understand that it is imperative to be by their partners’ side through thick and thin and the ups and downs of life at all times till death do them part.

I argue that Marcela does not represent the majority of the Filipino women. She belongs to a segment of the population who adamantly believes that marriage relationships have no real value, enjoyment of life at any costs, and living selfishly at the expense of others are the rules.

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